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Specifically designed and developed by Rhino Engineered Machinery Group for the stonework industry. The RHINO Mitre Saw offers a range of economical and precision features tailored for local stonemasonry factories in the Australian Market.
  • Compact Design
  • Precision Plus 45 degree cuts. Blade angle can be manually adjusted ±3 degrees
  • RHINO designed Water Resistant TOP-MOUNT blade motor ensures no water contact to blade motor
  • Protective splash cover along the front of the machine
  • Linear motion track
  • Adjustable vertical stopper designed for perfect creation of SHARP EDGES and BIRD MOUTH EDGES
  • Adjustable bridge alignment, motor mount, and clamp for perfectly cuts
  • Adjustable clamp can hold down 5mm-40mm stone thicknesses
  • Programmable cutting direction (left-to-right/right-to-left) and programmable cutting stop positions
  • Caterpillar chain cables carrier
  • Automatic valve controlled water supply
  • Variable travel speed of 0-10/RPM
  • Disc Motor Power 4.0 Kilowatt
Disc Size Range 300 to 350
Table Size 800w x 3300l
Cutting length 3200
Disc Motor Power 4.0 kilowatt
Gross Power 5.0 kilowatt
Machine Weight 1.5 tonne
Overall Dimensions 4000l x 1500w x 1800h

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