The MSQ8 square edge polishing machine is designed specifically to create square edges and square arris edges for kitchen benchtops. This will be a useful addition for all stone masonry businesses. 


• Powerful machine specifically designed for polishing kitchen benchtops


• Majority of polished edging is Arris so this machine is a useful addition to

other stonework machinery.


• Can polish up to 30m per hour and up to maximum length of 3.2 metres


• Adjustable diamond grinding head


• 20mm-60mm squared polishing (6 polishing heads)


• Arris polishing (2 polishing heads)


• Mitre Cutting Optional


• Manually crank lever for oil supply to all tracking and polishing heads.


• Auto water supply. No need for control valve.


• Recycled water usage


• Guard railing for alignment of stone to polisher


• Adjustable turntable for easy movement of stone especially island benchtops


• Adjustable pressure airlocks for keeping stone in place while polishing.


Can be used for all types of stone.


• Machine size specification approximately 6 metres x 1.8 metres


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